Increased Output – Reduced Carbon Footprint?

Over the past few months here at Capital Valley we having been working hard to reduce our environmental impact. In partnership with Carbon Trust we have been actively looking at ways to decrease our carbon footprint, reviewing every stage of the process from raw materials coming in to finished products going out. With all the information we have been able to highlight a key area where we can save a lot of carbon dioxide production. By increasing the efficiency of the main drive motors on our prodimages[4]uction lines we believe 25% can be cut from our overall impact. We are now halfway through this project with the other motors due to be completed by the end of year. The project has not come without significant investment, both financially and physical effort. Changing the motors puts the production line out of action for significant period of time vastly affecting output, this has to be carefully managed to avoid problems. The one advantage to this is while the lines have been down we have been able to re-engineer certain parts allowing us to increase our output capability. Long term we can manufacture more goods and bring lead times down for our customers- Good news all round!