RADBAR® Flexible Hydrocarbon Membrane


Radbar Flexible Hydrocarbon Membrane is an engineered tri-polymer that is designed to provide an effective barrier against radon, carbon dioxide, methane and hydrocarbon gases whilst maintaining flexibility for ease of installation.The membrane is manufactured from a uniquely formulated blend of polymers to produce outstanding chemical resistance, mechanical properties, dimensional stability and thermal ageing characteristics. Radbar Flexible Hydrocarbon Membrane is ideally suited for sites formerly used as coalfield, landfill and industrial sites that have previously contained volatile liquids, petrol stations for example.

Radbar Flexible Hydrocarbon Membrane has been tested to ISO 15105-1 and complies to BS 8485:2015.

The membrane is supplied in single wound rolls 1.3m wide x 20m long.

Radbar Flexible Hydrocarbon membrane is listed on RIBA Product Selector, NBS Plus and the NBS National BIM library.