Our Products

In an ever evolving industry where custom products and specifications are becoming more and more of a requirement, meeting the every demand of clients can mean the difference between being successful and failing.


RADBAR® Radon 400 Membrane
RADBAR® Amber 2 Foil Barrier
RADBAR® Accessories
RADBAR® Flexible Hydrocarbon Membrane
RADBAR® Hydrocarbon DPC
RADBAR® Gas Resistant DPC
RADBAR® High Performance DPC
RADBAR® Amber 1 Gas Barrier
RADBAR® Radon Gas Barrier


Attenuation Membrane (SUDS)
Capital Damp Proof Course (DPC)
Capital General Purpose Sheeting
Capital Damp Proof Membrane BBA
Capital PIFA Approved Damp Proof Membrane
Capital VCL – Vapour Control Layer